Unique Facts About Milk You Need to Know!!

Unique Facts About Milk You Need to Know!!

Often we consume milk both in the form of whole milk, drinks or in other processed forms such as cheese for example. Or if it is mixed into cakes, juices, and various other creations from milk. Besides its delicious taste, milk also has good nutrition for the body like calcium which is dominantly high is certainly very good for the health of the body.

There are various types of milk in the world that are already well known, for example, from some livestock such as cows, goats and even extreme enough like horse milk, which is believed to increase men's stamina while in bed.

A little review of the facts of milk which I will discuss hopefully will inspire you to consume milk, of course, to improve your health such as strengthening bones and even increase brain intelligence to raise your body for that, don't hesitate to consume milk from now on!

1. Has Existed Since 7000 Years Before Christ.

This discovery began when research was carried out in the Sahara desert, Africa when it was done by a team of researchers from the University of Bristol, England. With the findings found in the analysis of research results from fatty acids in the equipment or gerbah used by ancient humans to consume their food.

From the facts found milk has been known even by prehistoric humans from the results of this study. Then in 5000-7000 years ago when this area became drier humans of that era adopted a nomadic lifestyle, bone bones found in caves with caves this proves that these animals are kept. 

Researchers at the Organic Geochemistry Unit at Bristol's School of Chemistry, in collaboration with the University of Rome research team studied glazed pottery dating from around 7,000 years ago. The pottery was found in the Takarkori rock reservoir in the Acacus Tadrart Mountains, Libya. Using stable lipid biomarkers and carbon isotope analysis, the research sought information that the pottery they had used was used to process milk fat.

2. Nutritional content that is quite complex and complete

Nutrient content contained in milk is indeed complex and needed by the body, there are various kinds of nutrients including minerals, proteins, fats, lactose, calcium and vitamins. So it is very good in consumption even for growth periods bones in children in the presence of calcium and vitamins.

In addition vitamins contained in milk include 3.2 grams, which provides excellent benefits for maintaining or enhancing the immune system. In addition, vitamins play a role in forming amino acids needed to build diverse body cells.?

3. Can be processed into a variety of foods and even cosmetic beauty!

Have you ever felt bored to consume milk purely? Of course, with various forms of processed milk that can make us consume more often without boredom without losing a lot of nutrients contained in milk. Cheeses one of the most popular processed milk and has a delicious taste even to this unique can be your variation in consuming processed products made from milk.

In fact, many cosmetics companies in the world use milk as an ingredient of their products because milk is believed to be able to make skin healthier, cleaner and brighter. Perhaps this is the reason that makes cosmetic manufacturers interested in using cosmetic ingredients from milk.

Of course you remember the queen of Cleopatra, the most beautiful woman of her time in the kingdom of ancient Egypt, apparently many who call one of the beauty recipes owned by the queen came from her habit of using milk as an ingredient for bathing because it was believed to be a good ingredient for treating skin health .

4. Basic Ingredients of Cheese

Cheese is a food that we often consume and is one of the processed products from milk in a variety of different forms and many variations of the shape and even taste and easier for us to consume in a more solid form. For example, with a sprinkling on bread and cake mixture or in direct consumption.

Cheese is made through a process of thickening / coagulation which favors separating the solids in milk. In Cheese there are almost all nutritional content in milk, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, calcium, and phosphorus which are good for your health. To make cheese, not limited to cow's milk, you can also use goats, sheep, buffalo, camels, even horse milk can also be used as ingredients for making cheese.

5. Can be Obtained from a Variety of Livestock

As already mentioned it turns out that milk producers do not only come from cows but many other livestock that can be utilized for milking include sheep, camels, goats and some are even milking horses. Are you interested enough in consuming milk other than those produced by cows? Certainly you can try it might cause quite a different sensation even though most of the nutritional content is almost the same.

For example, wild horse milk which is quite popular, one of which is in the Sumba region, NTB, Indonesia, which is known to improve the quality of men's beds. It is known that in every 100 grams wild horse milk produces 44 calories less than cow's milk which is 64 calories.

6. Can be used as a Spicy Reliever

Not a myth anymore that if we drink a glass of milk after eating spicy food can neutralize our tongue. Not with cold drinks, syrup, or sweet tea to make our tongue not feel spicy, because milk has a protein content that can replace compounds that make the body feel hot from consuming too much chili.

This statement is not without reason because based on research "It turns out that milk has a protein that can eliminate capsaicin in the receptors on your tongue," said Professor of the New Mexico State University of Chile Pepper Institute, Paul Bosland, quoted from the Daily Mail, Wednesday (07/20/2016) ) Give it a try you do to eliminate spicy taste when you eat foods that are spicy with drinking milk..

7. Milk is not a Problem for the Diet Program

Apparently, milk does not make you fat. you really keep the weight are advised to consume milk low fat or fat free milk.Thus, you still get calcium, phosphorus, and vitamin D but do not get the fat,

but that does not mean we are allowed to consume milk excessively and you should be encouraged to drink 3 cups of milk a day is enough to meet your daily calcium needs by 100%, 75% vitamin D, and other balanced nutrients, but you also have to consider other foods that enter your body.

8. Can be made Yogurt

Yogurt itself is milk fermented by bacteria. Yogurt can be made using animal or vegetable milk. Lately, the majority of yogurt products use cow's milk. Yogurt is also known as a food that can provide benefits for your digestion.

Yogurt is rich in protein and calcium, also contains carbohydrates, B vitamins (B1, B2, niacin, folic acid) and minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus, magnesium). Live bacteria. In contrast to fermented milk yogurt contains good bacteria in the form of life. The bacterium is Lactobacillus thermophilus.

9. As a Plant Fertilizer

Have you ever thought about where you would be if you had milk that was not suitable for consumption?,

Maybe with these tips make your stale milk more useful by using it as an organic fertilizer for your plants, it sounds quite strange but, many people are use stale milk that is no longer suitable for consumption to water their plants.

Reported in gardeningknowhow, plants really need calcium for growth. One of the characteristics of plants lacking in calcium is that they are stunted and cannot grow normally, then wilt and eventually rot. Many experts call calcium or other nutrients in milk can benefit plants. From now on you can use stale milk that is not suitable for consumption for your plants.

10. Useful for hair

In addition to direct consumption which is beneficial for health and beauty of milk can also be applied to the hair, with the benefits that a lot of milk is believed to provide a lot of good for your hair, especially women who always crave beautiful hair and you can get easily use milk as your beauty hair recipe.

Various benefits that you believe you can get are straightening hair, making hair appear more shiny, dealing with dry hair and also making hair softer. Quite interesting not with the myriad benefits of milk for your hair, it's worth you trying.

Understanding some interesting things and the great benefits offered by milk to you might make you more fond of consuming milk starting today and of course you will get great benefits from milk.

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