Scandal of Harvey Weinstein

Scandal of Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein has had virtually in silence for four weeks as jury selection followed by 28 prosecution witnesses and seven Witnesses for the defense testified before a diverse jury of seven men and five women the looming issue in this trial did Weinstein commit rape and sexual assault or worthy encounters, but at the heart of the prosecution's case are six female accusers of the former Hollywood Giant. Who took the stand one by one to point the finger at Weinstein prosecutors are using testimony from three accusers to try to show Weinstein's pattern of conduct.

They hope testimony by actors Annabelle Ashura will help them gain a conviction of predatory sexual assault but Weinstein's indictment stems from the allegations of just two women Miriam haleh and Jessica man, the statute of limitations has already run out on the other way. His allegations.

Hey Lee testified while Harvey was mentoring her during her work as a production assistant on one of his shows. She was asked to go to his New York City Apartment in summer of 2006 after arriving. She testified once seen lunged trying to kiss her.

I walked backward because he was pushing me with his body until I got to the bed and I felt backward onto the bed and I tried to get up and he pushed me down next.

She described a vicious sexual assault.  I just checked out and decided to endure it that it was a safest thing to do at that point. The defense argued that haleh willingly maintain contact with Weinstein including accepting the gift of a free trip to Los Angeles and Ale testified. She did have sex with the movie Mogul about two weeks after the alleged assault you are not claiming. Mr. Weinstein forced you to have sex at the Tribeca Grand are you know, haleh however testified for the prosecution Q sure that her sexual relationship with Weinstein was not consensual Jessica man has a similar story telling the court.

She had a relationship with her Mentor Weinstein, but that she too was assaulted by him in a New York City hotel room. Were you able to get out of the room? No, what did you do next I gave up at that point and I undressed and he stood over me until I was completely naked then he told me to lay on the bed man. Then testified Weinstein violently raped her.

The defense brought before the jury dozens of emails that could imply a consensual relationship and bond between the two man's testimony was insistent saying I know the history of my relationship with him.

I know it is complicated and different but it does not change the fact that he raped me Weinstein pleaded not guilty to all five counts including rape and predatory sexual assault now the case is in the hands of the jury. Gingka sorrows with that report Weinstein also faces charges of sexual assault and rape in separate incidents in Los Angeles.

Weinstein was the king of Hollywood a mogul with 81 are suppose to his name, but Harvey I knew was brilliant. I mean truly brilliant man you ran this town. He was the guy but we'll show you what actually happened behind his locked office door games at power is about making you capitulate making you give in Forcing seduction and speak to those who say they paid an awful price for being in Weinstein's world. You ruined lies. He crushed dreams. I still scared.

He is a master Predator now Hollywood's dirty secret is out in the open. We knew everybody and the Reckoning isn't over.

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