Rack Server Maintenance Schedule

Rack Server Maintenance Schedule

Hello RackTiclers, 

We have just got the maintenance schedule information from the hosting provider. This will affect access to the blog, both for users in the member area and general visitors in the front end. Including our admin, we cannot access from behind the admin panel and the main control panel area. 

But please, do not worry about this occur, because once this process has been completed, everything is expected to return to normal and we can carry out our activities as usual on this blog.

Here are the contents of the official email from the Hoster:

To maintain and improve the quality of our services, we will carry out periodic maintenance with the following details:

Day / date: Saturday 11 January 2020

Time: 00.00 WIB - Finish

Estimated Downtime: 4 hours

Job: PDU Replacement & Recabling

Impact: The service cannot be used during the replacement.

We apologize for the disruption caused by this activity. If the process is complete, we will update it again. Thus we convey the information, If there are things that are unclear please contact us again.

Also, We just want to let you know that everyday we improve the system, like doing a little change and / or maintaining some codes in the script to give you the best results and keep this money engine become fast and furious. 

So, if you find any error in accessing our blog please be calm and take a normal breath, you won't lost your hard work with us. 

Keep writing and give the best thing to the world. Just prepare your work for the next day.

Happy Writing, Happy Earning and Happy Holiday :) 

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