Pop Smoke Died in a Robber's Murder

Pop Smoke Died in a Robber's Murder

Rapper pop smoke has been shot and killed in what appears to be a home invasion robbery here in Los Angeles. So we know around 4:30 this morning two men wearing masks and hoodies broke into a Hollywood Hills Home firing several shots, including a fatal one that hip-hop smoke. We obtained video of paramedics take.

Life-saving measures and we know he was then transported to a hospital where he was later pronounced dead. As of right now police do not have any suspects and it's unclear if the man had any connection with pop smoke himself. We're told one man was taken into custody on the scene, but police later determined. He was not part of the crime pop smoke is just 20 years old and his song Welcome to the party that he released last year blew up including a remix done by Nicki Minaj. He's also worked with Travis Scott and other rappers stay tuned to tmz.com 

He reportedly layers home invasion that Connor, you know, I'm saying that turned into a murder. Basically from what I read up. They said that around four this morning and was Hollywood Hills. He was coming home and as he was coming to his home someone tried to Rob his house or whatever the case may be and he end up getting struck within the shooting. They never said why he was shot and I'm saying other than maybe I like I don't know. I'm assuming maybe try to grab a gun or something. I don't know. They haven't said why he was shot man. Basically he said he was shot. Another person was arrested eight people. That did do it have .

I'm kind of lost for words. Now. I'm not going to sit up here and fake and I like I was just his biggest fan because I wasn't but it's the fact that this dude was up-and-coming and I remember, you know, I'm saying seeing them because if y'all don't know he was known for the welcome to the party song, you know, the one that had Nicki Minaj going to read me. So whatever the case may be and it just the fact that you know, he was only 20 years old bro like 20, I don't know row 20 is real do like such a young age man. I ain't gonna sit up here a lot man. 

It is like it's no no man is not starting to get me angles European faking man. Rest in peace to pop smoke me know my prayers go out to his family literally, like honestly trying to get my life, right? You know, I'm not saying I'm out here living better than not saying he was but I just feel like many such a scary time now bro like.

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