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Please Read Carefully Before Using Our Service

RackTicle.Com is a website that will become your partner to publish your own creativity. This website is base on Article,  Video and Photo for Public Readers. Please use it wisely so that will be suitable for all people arround the world. 

Our Terms are updated as bellow and will be added time by time according to what its need. 

Start Publishing

Here are some rules before you start using the services:

  1. You must be registered as a member of this site, create acccount,  login and go to your dashboard to access user panel and add a new article.
  2. One Person for One Account.
  3. You must use a Real Name, do not using admin1, admin2,  editor1, editor2,  author1,  etc and any common words. 
  4. Only Accept English and Bahasa Indonesia.
  5. Must be Readable by Human. 
  6. Minimum 300-500 Words. More than 500 is always better. This is not Including the "Quotes" text.
  7. Please make Original Writing.  This Will be checked manually by the admin and editors.
  8. Your image should be Original and No Copyrights Abuse, must not contains any promotional text such as webiste link, product name or service information. If you want to protect your copyrights please use your username as the watermark.
  9. If you don't have any image, please leave it blank.
  10. Your Contents Should Never been Posted in any Public Platform, Social Media, Printed Media and Online or Offline Community.
  11. Explicit Content will not be Approved.
  12. For Health Category, if you want to post about a disease medication, we only allow Herbal and Natural, not kind of product to sell.
  13. No Soft Selling and Hard Selling.
  14. Post any Contact Details (Phone Number, Email, Website, Social Media Profile,  etc) is not Allowed.
  15. Please use different title on every article (Use Unique Title).
  16. Paid Traffics are Not Allowed.
  17. We have "Read Time" system that will be according to the Article lenght and your user habit. 
  18. Never Spamming with any links and Promotional contents in the Articles and Comment section. Once you do that: "BANNED". 
  19. Adults and Casino are not Permitted.
  20. Max. File (Image) Upload is 2Mb.
  21. For Photographers please see This Sample and Requirements.
  22. For VLogger please Read This Criteria.  
  23. We do not pay Invalid / Bot Traffics. 
  24. We will Review Manually in 24 Hours to 7 Days, If your Articles OR Images are still in "Pending Review" more than 7 Days,  it maybe "REJECTED".
  25. The only alternative way to be accepted and published is by submitting a new Article that meet Our Term of Service. 

Additional Content Terms

Our program has been designed for writers with premium contents. Author that promote, contain, or link directly to the following types of content shall not be approved:

  1. Adult, Pornographic or any illegal contents.
  2. Tobacco, Vaping, alcohol, ammunition, hazardous substances, illegal drugs, gore, violence, gambling and racism contents.
  3. Pages containing profanity or content that and/or discriminates or is offensive to any section of people.
  4. Hate, violence, racial intolerance, or advocate against any individual, group, or organization.
  5. Sale of prescription drugs.
  6. Sale of counterfeit products, imitations of designer or other goods, stolen items or any products that infringe intellectual property rights of other parties.
  7. Contain programs which promote invalid click activity by paying users to clicking on ads, browse websites, read email etc.
  8. Websites that contain forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, or any content area that is open to public updates without adequate moderation.
  9. Sites with content that has been generated using computer programs and hence may not be comprehendible.
  10. Bulk of the content is user-generated.
  11. Contents with fake news.
  12. Any other content that we believe in our sole discretion to be illegal.

Content Review

All of the contents submited by authors must be reviewed by our team. The Article, Image and Video must meet our criteria and followed by the rules of our terms of use, the Authors may re-submit a New OR re-edited Articles, image or video in 7 days after the submitted articles are in still pending status.

Content Inactivation

Your Published Contents may be Inactivated by the admin if the contents containing inappropriate word, image and/or video that violating our terms. The Author will be contacted by email to edit their contents to follow the terms with our team instruction. If the Author can not do this process the content may be removed from our database.

Traffics Terms

All impressions must be legitimate and visitors to your links must be genuine and made purely based on user interest. If at any time, we find the Writers having employed any method to falsely inflate impressions to their traffic quality falls below our acceptable traffic quality standards or performed any act in violation of the terms of service, we, at our sole discretion, may suspend or terminate individual account with immediate effect.

Writers/Authors shall not drive traffic to their articles through incentivized click programs, spam email marketing, paid-to-surf, autosurf, click-exchange programs, unwanted advertisements on third-party websites, toolbars and other unsolicited software downloads.

Invalid Visits:
Some specific prohibitions include (but are not limited to):

  1. Incentive Programs: Authors may not offer any compensation or incentivize any person in any manner to view articles. Views made by the Author on his own article will be considered as one count per day. 
  2. Misleading Users: Authors shall not provide any text in or around the ad units, or include phrases that may mislead a user or encourage them to click ads and/or links provided by our website. Any ads that are disguised within the content and/or placed in a manner which cannot be distinguished from content are prohibited. 
  3. Automated views: Participating in or using any automated click and impression generating tools, use of bots, open proxies or software that can lead to false impressions and clicks.

Traffic Quality:  We are extremely particular about traffic quality on our program as we believe that low quality traffic adversely impacts reader's interests. Our compliance and quality monitoring teams carry out comprehensive checks on an on-going basis to ensure high traffic quality standards.

No Bot Traffics

Our goal is that the interactions that you get in rackticle.com are from only real people, so we ask you to register with a real email, all users who use disposable or temporary emails, will be subject to revision and/or banned.

Allowed Traffics

Social Media Traffics: You may use social media such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, reddit, please do not spamming the media, use your original and genuine link share to get more views from your friends and connection. 

Search Engine Traffics: If you don't like to share, you can wait untill your articles are crawled by the Search Engine like Yahoo, Bing and Google. Our site was build to optimize the Search Engine, so that you may use your own Search Engine Technique to Boost your Articles.

Organic Real Human Visitors: Your Followers and Our Subscribers are the Original Visitors whom interest in our website contents,  so please give them the best so that they enjoy everytime they visits your Author Profile. 


Please use appropriate words and usefull description,  any comment that makes conflict,  confusion, disruption, chaos, disturbance,  trouble,  anarchy and related to those chriteria will be deleted.


You may promote your work to the whole world,  but please do not use any blackhat methode. 

All visits which come from Paid Traffics and Bot System will not be counted. Using a Paid To Click (PTC) Program,  Traffics Exchange or some kind like that, also will be detected by our system as a Proxy Visits and this will cause an invalid country views.

Getting Paid

Withdrawal System

You can make a Withdrawal Request after you have reached a minimum earning,  starting from USD $1. We are providing several methodes and will add more soon. See the update Bellow:

Withdrawal Method Minimum Withdrawal Amount
RackTicle Wallet $1.000

For Bitcoin Transfer,  the Blockchain Fee may be applied. 

Payment Terms

  1. First, you need to set your payment method in your profil area from the writer's dashboard.
  2. Our Payment is Daily Basis,  you may request as soon as your balance touch the minimum threshold according to your choice of payment method.
  3. After submitting your request,  you will find the Pending Status. 
  4. The money will be sent to you about 24 hours to 7 working days after it's been "Approved".
  5. Please wait and be patience while we work to collect money from the advertisers.
  6. You may contact us if you don't get your payment in more than 7 Working Days after the Approval. 

User Profile

Please use your Real Account in the Social Media links,  never post a tricky links to another websites. We will take an action to your RackTicle Account and it does not rule out the possibility that you will lost the whole earning.

Your Author Real Name must be the same as your payment account. The Payment will be canceled if your Name in Bank Account doesn’t match with Your Author Name. 

PayOut Rates

Our Rate is base on country of your visitors come from. For the detail of the country base rate please follow the PayOut Rates Page in this website. 


Anyone found to be breaking any of these rules, terms and conditions of the service will be removed from RackTicle permanently. 

Please understand that if you refuse to accept these Terms, you will not be able to use this site or our services.

Please follow the rules above and your account will be safe,  in order to make advantage with us you must stay in this line to keep your readers enjoy the contents.

By Joining Our Program, You must accept this terms of service!

All kind of abuse and violation againts the rules and law related to the contents are the responsibility of the author and/or comentator.