Referral Program

Earn more income from your references to your friends, your family, and anyone you recommend to write article in RackTicle.Com. We will give you percentage of life time earning of your referred authors. Please register to see the value in your member area.

Easy Registration

To join the Referral Program. only by become a member, that's it.

Withdrawal System

You can withdraw your referral commission with a withdrawal request, you can directly make it through the member area on the referral section. And withdrawals can be made if your balance is at least only $1 USD.

How it Works?

After you register you will get a special web address (URL). This URL can be used directly or you can combine it with advertising media such as banners When there are visitors who register as a member using your referral link.

The system will automatically record your referral users from your account and will display on your referral area.

Your referral earning will be displayed on your earning dashboard and will be appear when you withdraw your whole earning.

You can share any kind of this blog pages including home page, sub pages, tags and every article links with your referral ID.

The earning system will only works with active author's article earning, not including author's bonus, promo and winning of a competition program.

Terms, Conditions & Penalty

You join our referral program and you are subject to and comply with the following terms and conditions.


You must be at least 17 years old (if you are still under 17 years must include a parental declaration). Have a bank account with the same name (may not use someone else's bank account).

Understand the referral system works. Provisions This referral program is not allowing to click or join under your own referral link for any reason and in any way.

This system is a reference system, please provide your referral link to new customers and let new users determine and make their own articles.

This program is prohibited from spaming, forcing, and deceiving new customers that you referres. It is prohibited from giving incorrect information or over promising about our products, causing complaints from those you are harmed.

You are participating in the program and marketing using media that is incur costs then all these costs are your responsibility If you do PPC advertising is prohibited from using keywords: rackticle or


If you are in violation we will delete all earnings that you generate and deactivate your membership and make a blacklist that impacts you cannot re-register as our member!