New Microsoft Windows Phone 2020 Fluent Design

New Microsoft Windows Phone 2020 Fluent Design

It must be admitted, the world began to develop since Microsoft, many of us began to learn about computers from this one software. Now he reverberates again and shows his fangs as the master of the universal software.

The Day Before Yesterday (December 5, 2019) Microsoft's big companies show the world that they have very high integrity in developing software technology. This can be seen from the video that was released yesterday, which is able to spoil our eyes, as if we were brought back to the past who saw a bright future with Microsoft.

There have been many things that have been passed over the past decade, and it turns out that their hard work gave a very moving treat and broke through our dreams to help change the world.

The series of animations that are presented in classic nuances become modern minimalist and from dark to bright without glare, truly truly stunning and amazing.

You might think twice to replace your new smartphone in 2020, Microsoft Mobile Phone really needs to be taken into attention, maybe it will even be your main grip in every successful step that you will go through in the years to come.

Imagine how much we can do if Microsoft Office is in your pocket, with a soft design and a little touch that shakes the world of marketing.

Over the years it turns out that Microsoft has done a lot of research done professionally by software designers. They have concluded that as long as people use their mobile phones, there are many things that make people unable to be productive, this is because the design needs to be developed from software.

Dozens of world-class designers have learned how people use their mobile phones, from all corners of the world where they mainly look at large markets such as China, India, Europe and America.

This very Fluent design will spoil our fingers to work carefully, just like on a PC, they will provide maximum functioning space, placement of icons and buttons are very well ordered.

You will no longer need to open Words, PowerPoint, Outlook and so on via a laptop or PC, just use a smartphone, and this will be different from what you are feeling now in the IOS and Android.

Unlike Microsoft Office that you are currently using, on the latest Windows Phone, the design will be more charming, soft touch and not interfere with the activity of your fingers.

Existing components are also the result of years of research that will continue to develop in accordance with Microsoft's philosophy. Because Office on IOS and Android will be very different from those embedded in Windows Phone.

Fluent Design and Dual Screen Mode are Microsoft's mainstay components to touch the mobile market in the globalization era in the future.

You can see in full video, and say something in the comments box bellow. 

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