iOS 13 Security Enhancement Safeguards Your Privacy, Location and Secrets Better

iOS 13 Security Enhancement Safeguards Your Privacy, Location and Secrets Better

Special For millions of iPhone users all arround the world, You must update to iOS 13 immediately, because there are several features that now make you more comfortable using a smartphone.

Here are the new features of iOS13 that can save your life:

Location Privacy

If you don't want your location to be tracked by apps that work behind the scenes, then this is the right choice.

You can set it easily on the iPhone's settings system to not allow an application to track your whereabouts.

This is very important for users, when we install an application, then we will be tracked by it through the background and we do not know this before, while our data continues to be sent to the Application server.

Photo and Video Privacy

In the case of using photos, it can also  be tracked where the photos or videos were taken, with iOS 13 you don't need to worry, you can set or delete location information on photos you take using the iPhone.

This photo location description is also commonly referred to as metadata and it's hidden in every image, you can't see it except with software that can read an image description.

Therefore, you should deactivate the location feature on each photo taken before sending it to social media. But if you have special needs to keep using the location in the image, you don't need to set it up anymore, just leave the settings by default.

Contact Privacy

Another thing that might need to be known is that an application can read the notes on your contact number. So be careful with this. All notes in your contact number such as home address, personal note or your ATM PIN number can also be read by applications that are allowed to access your contacts.

Bluetooh Privacy

Every application that wants to access your iPhone Bluetooh, you must first get your permission before using your active Bluetooth.

Email Privacy

A new breakthrough from the Apple is, if you use an application from the AppStore, you only need to sign in to your main Apple account, so that the application cannot see your real email address, the iOS system will generate unique emails that are automatically sent to applications, it seems like a "fake email".

Find My Device Improvement

If you lose a device such as a laptop that has been registered in "Find My", you can see the location where the last wifi was connected, even the location data of your gadget can be sent only by Bluetooth.

Silence Mode for Mysterious Callers ID

If there is an unknown caller, the phone can automatically ring or not in silent mode, this you can specify in the telephone call settings.

Anti-Tracking Safari Web Browser

Browsing the Internet is now more comfortable with the Anti-Tracking feature, you don't need to worry about ads that track your position or where you are coming from, but advertisements will appear more choices because they will no longer adjust to where you are accessing the internet.

By using the safari browser, So by updating your iPhone Operating System to iOS 13, you have saved a variety of your personal information that should be very confidential and should not be known by others.

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