How to Harmonize Your Work and Mom's Life Being Entrepreneurs?

How to Harmonize Your Work and Mom's Life Being Entrepreneurs?

Owning your own business may be a dream of many women, especially for women who already have children. Sometimes, they feel hard to divide time between work and being a mom.

I know, being a mom and an entrepreneur can be incredibly tricky, and You should know because You have been through it all, a mom with a child, and have one or a couple different businesses. I'll tell you that it can be stressful at times, but I've written this article to help you with a simple four-step little framework to help you do that and separate your work and mom's life being an entrepreneur. 

Hey, welcome to my post. And today, We're going to talk about how to harmonize your work and mom's life being an entrepreneur, and I've got four steps to help you do just that. So, let's dive in. 

Step number one is making sure your work isn't getting sloppy or becoming mediocre. 

A lot of times, you will be trying to multitask, the kids with Your work, and that is where it starts to suffer. You're not a great mom, and You're not doing great at work. Did You remember when You first had Your first child? Maybe, you hired a nanny, and You remember thinking You could hear her crying, He would come knocking at the door, He'd listen to Your voice, and You wasn't feeling like a great mom and You definitely wasn't getting great work done, so be careful You're not doing that. 

Step number two, make sure to ignore everyone's commentary. 

I read this quote that said other people's opinions of you, is none of Your business. And I hope you take that to heart because everybody's going to have an idea on, if you're at home You should be watching your kids, or you should be with them a certain amount of times, or you can't take that vacation or that business trip. So make sure it fits right for you and your family, that's all that matters. 

Step number three is setting boundaries and a schedule. 

I am huge when it comes to my Google Calendar, I'm a big online calendar fan, and You can also take a benefit from them. The first thing you need to do is figure out when you are going to have my time, the work time, and then time with your kids and your family. 

I will suggest an insight into what Your day looks like. You wake up right in early at 5:00 a.m., and the most significant thing for You is You want to wake up before the kids wake up, so You've got that time for You to get my day situated, and You get to work and do some Your morning routine up until about 7, a.m. The kids are up, and You've got to get vamp ready, and its time for You to shut off work stuff Whatever you were doing and be involved with the kids. 

So we get that time or what they're getting ready in the morning. Then about three days a week, they're going off to daycare, your little ones, your oldest one is heading to kindergarten next year so that schedule will change a little bit, but during the day while they're gone, that is the time You can focus on Your business. 

Now it might start to feel a little selfish or You should be with the kids more, you should be doing this while they're small, but understand that, the second they get home from school or daycare, it's back to being mom and kid time right, so computers closed, no more work for the day and You and him, really dive in. And if you want to know the best advice, what are You doing throughout the day while You ate working, well what I'll tell you is the morning is reserved for proactive work, and the afternoon is for reactive work. 

So what does that mean? Well, proactive work is where You get all of the stuff done; that is the essential things that You need to do in Your business. I always say that anything that moves the needle, right? So that might look like creating content, batching certain things for online video courses, any of that. Reactive is checking email, and maybe I've got some client calls, team meetings etc. So proactive in the morning, responsive in the afternoon, and you will get so much more done than you're used to 

Step number four is the location. 

I never realized how important location was. You loved Your work from home, and You usually work on a pc or laptop, and You realized that when You work on a computer, you started to work everywhere in the house. The kids' playroom, the bedroom, right the kitchen table and You realized that having a dedicated space where You call time for you to work is absolutely the best thing that has happened, so when You walk into Your office, it's gone time right, it's time for You to get to work. When You walk out of that office, that's the time that the work shuts off, so You can play and engage and hang out with Your children, when I'm in the kitchen or when I'm in their bedrooms, so having that time is so, so important. 

Those are the four steps to creating a harmonious balance between work life and mom life being an entrepreneur.

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