Healthy Tips During The Rainy Season

Healthy Tips During The Rainy Season

When the rainy season arrives, the weather tends to be cold. Cold weather due to the rainy season can bring various diseases. Beside that, the occurence of lightning storms, strong winds, and floods must also be considered. So, it's time we have to take the time to maintain our bodies to have stronger endurance so that they are not susceptible to disease.



Therefore, it is time for us to aplly some of the tips below so that we are healthy and fit during rainy season:

1. Pay attention to food and beverage consumption

- During the rainy season, the temperature becomes lower, and the body needs many calories to warm the body through healthy food

- The body needs good nutrition to prevent disease

- Mutiply foods that contain vitamin C and antioxidants to strengthen the body's immunity. The best intake of vitamin c is still natural, not supplements, like oranges, strawberry, pineapple, cherries, kiwi, broccoli, brussel sprout, kale, mustard greens, and garlic. But, if you feel natural intake of vitamin C is lacking, then supplements are needed

- Routinly eat high fiber foods to increase body immunity, such as avocados, apples, bananas, pears, carrots, spinach, etc


2. Drink water at least 8 glasses a day

- The importance of drinking enough water to prevent dehydration (not only hot, when cold can dehydrate)

- Drink water as a detox and maintain immunity

- If it gets rained on, it's good to drink warm water or warm herbal tea immediately1 to warm the body


3. Shower after getting rained on

- Cold water isn't problem either, but warm water is more recommended

- Add a few drops of antiseptic to get rid of germs

- Efectively drive out infections and itching


4. Avoid wet walls

- Wet walls are breeding ground for fungus which causes many allergies and triggers asthma

- Wet and moist walls triggers the arrival of disturbing and disgusting animals, such as mosquitoes, snails, milipedes, leeches, and the like


5. Wear warm and thick clothes

It is important to wear warm and thick clothes to keep your body warm in the cold weather of the rainy season

- Applies both when outside the house and inside the house


6. Avoid touching your face and eyes

- Touching the face and eyes will increase the risk of infection, especially if your hands are contaminated with bacteria or viruses during the rainy season

- Exept always wash hands thoroughly


7. Wear footwear well

- Use footwear that are comfortable and safe for the feet, not to narrow and not to loose.

- Pay attention to the soles of shoes or sandals, use special soles for the rainy season. Don't use bare insoles because it makes slippery and easily falls

Keep your footwear clean. If it rained on the footwear, immediately washed and dried in the sun

- If the shoes get wet from the rain, always prepare a spare sandal


8. Close your mouth when sneezing

- This is important to reduce the spread of viruses or bacteria, especially in a room with many people

- Always carry a tissue to cover the nose when sneezing and clean the affected part of the sneeze



Must be Considered: Don't Try Resist Sneezing because It can Cause Arteries to Rupture in the Head and Neck and Don't Sneeze to Loudly because It can Cause Rib Problems


(Source: Pikiran Rakyat Newspaper, September 6, 2019)


9. Bask in the morning

- During the rainy season, blazing sun in the morning is something rare, even though it is very beneficial for the health of the body

- Bask in the morning (hot sun condition) until 9 am is quite effective in increasing endurance and immunity (natural vitamin D3)


10. Always carry an umbrella that you can put in a bag or a special raincoat if you ride a motorcycle

- When going outdoors, always use jacket or at least long-sleeved clothes and trousers to minimize the cold during the rainy season

- If the clothes get wet from the rain, immediately take a warm bath and change cloth


11. Beware of thunderstorms

- If your area is lightning-prone, use lightning rod in your home, even if your home is not terraced

- Don't take a shower during a thunderstorms

- Avoid open fields and rice fields during thunderstorms

- Don't use electronic devices connected to electricity during thunderstorms

- The sound of terrible lightning is prone to cause stress and headaches. For that, listen to soothing music through earphones or stay in a soundproof room equipped with air conditioner


12. Exercise Routine

- Exercise routine to improve the health and fitness so that the does not get sick easily

- During the rainy season, effective exercise is carried out in the morning at least 30 minutes a day. No need to exercise heavily, just walk. The important thing is sweating out

- Even better if you have a treadmill or exercise at gym


13. Be aware of the potential for dengue fever before and during the rainy season

- Close and drain water reservoirs

- Burying used goods

- Clean the environment that is always flooded with dirty water

- Mosquitos that cause dengue fever (aedes aegypty) often arise from dirty puddles

- Use mosquito repellent lotion, especially when going to sleep

- Use mosquito coils of the room is filled with mosquitoes. Make sure the room is not used first for 15 minutes

- For natural medicine, consumption of guava, red yeast rice, and drink plenty of water

- Dengue fever symptoms usually begin with high fever does not heal in three days. If such conditions, immediately consult a doctor


14. Be aware of the potential for diarrhea when the rainy season increases

- Rain water is able to sweep away the dirt that has accumulated in the ground during the dry season, so that the water source or something around it is contaminated (source:

- Body resistence tends to decrease during the rainy season

- Bacteria, viruses, and parasites will easily spread during the rainy season. Be careful eating and drink on the road side, it could be unsterile

- Make sure that vegetables and fruits you eat are washed first

- For the prevention of periodic hand washing, keep your body clean, and (for children) avoid playing with standing water

- For a while, banana as a natural remedy for diarrhea

- Always provide ors and diarrhea medicine

- If you have diarrhea for more than a day, see a doctor immediately


15. Pray for everything

- Pray for the blessing and useful rain

- Pray to avoid disaster like a flood

Pray that health and blessings are always given





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