Google Plans to Display Couriers Tracking Code System in the Search Engine Result Page

Google Plans to Display Couriers Tracking Code System in the Search Engine Result Page

Google plans to display the delivery tracking in the search results from various couriers throughout the world. It was revealed that they were developing API technology and requested couriers to connect to their systems.

Is this possible?

Because Couriers only allow us to track purchases of goods online through their internal systems and some marketplaces that work with them, there is even a captcha system so that data cannot be retrieved simply by entering the tracking code.

This plan is announced for couriers who want to integrate their tracking system with Google's search results page, by filling out a form if the courier is interested in this program.

Following is the official statement from the google developer page:

Package tracking is a feature that displays package tracking related information on Google. When people come to Search looking to track a package shipped with your company, they will be able to enter a package ID directly. The feature uses your API to retrieve the package tracking information and then displays it to the user. Here's how package tracking information might appear on Google Search when a user is selected to track a package.

Picture attached above this article.

So, if you want to track the purchase of goods, the way is to type the name of the courier company then input the tracking code, the delivery information will appear according to the data in the courier database.

This indeed makes it easier for buyers to track, but for the courier it may have to be further studied how the impact will be in the future.

In other words, everyone who gets the tracking code from the courier can track it through google.

This process might still take some time to collect all data from the courier company and they must enter the RESTful JSON API code on the courier website.

In the google search results page will also include the official website of the courier, address and telephone number to make it easier for users to contact the courier if there is some detailed informations you want to ask.

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