Post Your YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Video Stories to Gain More Traffics

Post Your YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook Video Stories to Gain More Traffics

Here now you can post your own video embed code in our website. All the thing we want is the win win solution. 

There are some criteria if you need yo get a video link back from us:

  1. Only VLog Video Allowed: any kind of product promotional topic will be rejected. 
  2. Write your video description in unique sentences, please do not copy paste from anywhere including from your own video description from the original source.
  3. Minimum 500 words with good writing structure, more words you provide more change to get visitors from our website.
  4. Please do not spamming, we will ignore and reject  your post.
  5. Only Embed Code Allowed, please do not submit any linking code. 
  6. More terms will update soon.

Another advantage will you got from this program is, you will get paid for every post views from all visitors arround the world. 

This mean that you will get double income from the internet, first cash comes from your video platform and then you'll got money from us. 

Start writing your second video description or tell us the story, behind the scene,  or another things that can make our visitors want to read and watch your video articles. 

It's Fun and Free to Support the Writers, Give Them a Cup of Coffee by Sharing Their Hard Work to Your Social Media. Let us Grow Together and Make more and more Creativities in Our Hands:


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