How to Find Creative Idea to Get Paid by Writing Article

How to Find Creative Idea to Get Paid by Writing Article

Not infrequently there are writers who immediately start an article without planning and mature ideas, so then the article will gain so little visitors and finally more and more lazy to make articles.

Actually it is not too difficult to find creative and innovative ideas. The most basic thing that needs to be done is to read the environmental conditions in which the article will be run.

In principle, a useful article should appear as a solution to any problems that occur. For example, in the timeline of your social media, there is a trending topic about delicious dishes that have not been found online, so we can write about these recipes.

Decide Your Specific Topic

The first thing that is most basic is, decide what topic or category of article you want to create. This can be seen through the categories and trending system that is on the website, you can also follow the existing Favorite Writers so that when they post about something, we can find out what is the current trend.

Online Research

Doing research online is something that needs to be done to ensure the article that we will launch will get visits from all over the world.

With the help of internet media through browsing facilities, it is now very easy to do research to find ideas. Just by typing certain keywords related to the something in your head, then press the enter button and there will be various articles related to what you are looking for.

Original Idea?

You all need to know that there are no truly original ideas. It may sound cruel, but actually it gives you a lot of freedom.

Almost all articles are made with the influence and ideas of articles that have existed before. Can you update or change an existing idea into a new one? Certainly yes :)

However, it would be nice if Our Writing Idea is really pure from the results of our own thoughts and unique and never thought of by anyone so many people are eager to read your article.

The principle is to think of things that no one else has ever thought of! If you are able to do it, then all sources of inspiration for creative article writing ideas that can be applied in everyday life can be mastered properly.

Remember, the idea that you are reporting should be able to answer the existing problem. Without the solutive ability to solve reader problems, an article will not develop properly.

Real Life Inspiration

Look for inspiration in real life, you can find inspirational stories that can be adapted into interesting articles, because often real life provides new adventures for readers and can become a new plan for us to make a recurring episodes.

So that the admin can convey, hopefully can help all prospective new writers. Now, are you ready to become a Great Writer?!?

It's Fun and Free to Support the Writers, Give Them a Cup of Coffee by Sharing Their Hard Work to Your Social Media. Let us Grow Together and Make more and more Creativities in Our Hands:


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