Coronavirus symptoms: Are you infected?

Coronavirus symptoms: Are you infected?

How do I know if I have COVID-19?

According to health authorities, coronavirus cases first occurred in early December 2019. Today, nearly twelve weeks afterward, the outbreak has spread out to 33 countries around the world, including Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Italy, Iran, the US, the UK, Brazil, etc.

Up to February 27th, the number of total confirmed cases outside of China had reached nearly 4,000. First of all, we are concerned, but we shouldn't panic, and we need to look at it rationally, especially when you same thing might happen.

So, how do you know if you bear a coronavirus?

How do you know the symptoms?

And what the best solution for it?

In the untimely stage of the outbreak, the United Nations Agency said symptoms might consist of pyrexia cough shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, headaches, and chest pain. Nevertheless, as the virus progressed, medical staff found out that there were confirmed cases that didn't have any respiratory symptoms but rather gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea. Just recently, scientists have noticed that the virus exists in excrement as well.

If you bear any of the symptoms I mentioned before, you should go to the health facility and get yourself checked for the current virus immediately. When you go to the health facility, wear your mask and do not take public transport, don't a stay at home and saying oh, I should be alright in a few days because you want to avoid cross infections. If you take enough precautions, then you will be fine.

One more thing that kind of freaked people out was that house authorities have said one has spread the virus and not know where because this person may not be showing symptoms. It's because the person may have had interaction with someone who, for instance, latterly returned from Wuhan or an epidemic area and got infected. However, the person's natural stress response isn't as reliable, or the person is still in that incubation period. Throughout which you can always retransmit the virus to others.

It's why we emphasize the importance of wearing masks again and again. So the close time you hear the arguments that masks are useless, if you aren't sick, you know it's wrong. Though, don't overreact and assume those symptoms mean you have the current virus. We've all done that saying where you have a headache, and you look it up on Google, then you end up thinking you have brain cancer.

So monitoring is necessary, but panicking doesn't help. Keeping an even keel is also crucial in this case. The possible effects can work like magic at times. If you are healthy you should avoid big gatherings, I understand you want to meet your friends and have a cup of pints on the weekend, but it can wait for the sake of everyone's health and our lives, stay at home.

When you do have to get out of your apartments, you should always remember to wear masks. Unless you are in an open area with just people around, you should also learn to disinfect appropriately, for example, which type of fluids kill the coronavirus and which don't, what percentage of is the best, what to do and not to do when they're using definite disinfectants or hand sanitizer.

So, what is the best advice for us? Keep yourself advised and pay attention to any data your local Center for symptom control and Prevention provides.

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