10 Things You Should not do on the First Date !!

10 Things You Should not do on the First Date !!

For those of you men avoid the stupid things on your first date that will make your partner feel uncomfortable and feel less special on your first date. And will be bad for a love story or a relationship that should will go smoothly.

Feeling nervous might always be experienced by someone who will meet a loved one and this first time is the most crucial moment and often determines the continuation of your story.

1. Wearing a Present Style that Really isn't Right for You.

Clothing trends are always changing and good enough to follow it but come on, you have to consider it. For a first date someone wants to look so special but not with things that tend to make you look so silly.

For example there is a new brightly colored sports shoe product that you certainly shouldn't wear with your pants and neat suit complete with a bow tie. But it will look better with office leather shoes that are a bit more worn because you often wear to the office than the latest sports shoes with bright colors that you just bought.

2. Discussing Things that are Less Important and Intimidating like a Job Interview.

Start by asking how you are, friends, women really like attention and discuss the right things for the moment. Avoid asking questions that should not be necessary, for example, you ask "How much is the price of potatoes when this? ", it doesn't sound like the question you should be asking.

Date coach Joo Hemmings suggests that we don't treat a date like a job applicant. Although we want to know everything about it, but there are some questions that we should not ask carelessly.

For example, we ask what makes him interested in us or their plans for a career ahead. Never ask things like that. After all, the first date is a process of getting to know each other. It's a good idea to ask "What about your day, is it good enough?", Well a simple question but you get two points at once! Because you will look like a man who is considerate and able to start a conversation on your first date.

3. Avoid Excessive Use of Smartphones During the First Date.

Smartphones today are indeed part of our lives, but look at the first date your female friend becomes part of your life at the time. And she wants time to talk with you not to see how much your busy with a smartphone. Unless there are interests that you cannot argue with and need to visit your smartphone, and when your needs are finished then continue to enjoy your first date.

4. Excessive Perfume.

Someone using perfume looks fresher and increases confidence especially for the first date that will cause something sticky and memorable. But not if use with a dose that exceeds the rules. Then your date will be a victim for a very pungent perfume aroma even as uncomfortable as ironic gas poisoning.

Use just enough to make it more appropriate and suitable for the fragrance that arises and will add value to your special appearance and make your date feel more memorable to you.

5. Stop Confirming the Problem.

One of the things that may be less appropriate for you to do when the first date is to discuss problems that are happening with you. More for problems that you should not discuss, for example your bill, of course this will be a frightening specter for the continuation of your story.

And maybe it will make your date afraid to join in your problems. Certainly this is not a proper thing for the "first breakfast" in your love story, try to really avoid this fatal thing.

6. Criticize the Appearance of Your Date.

Whatever he used to show for his first date with you would have been prepared with the maximum that you want to show to his dating partner.

So from that avoid avoiding expressing things that you don't like for your date's appearance, and make him really confident with the appearance. Really your date wants you to be impressed with him for it will be better if you reveal things that can make him quite memorable for example "You look much prettier than I imagined", and he will be more comfortable to linger to chat with you.

7. Discuss Your Past or Your Date.

Come on friend your time with him avoid discussing your past or him for now enjoy your time with your date and assume there is only you and your date not to ruin this precious time with things that will only reduce your enthusiasm and your date.

Make your date feel as comfortable as possible to be with you because this is a very decisive start. Don't waste this opportunity to discuss boring and useless things if you want a date to continue.

8. Bragging.

Is a real threat to your date and you will look silly with this. Remember this is a serious thing for the starting point of your relationship and too much bragging will ruin everything.

Talking about things that are mild and seem romantic might be better for you do it. Tells with a joke that you are very happy to enjoy the opportunity of a first date with him will be something that he can accept rather than boasting that you would be more appropriate to talk with your office silly team. Not with special friends who are in front of you right now.

9. Do not Rush to Move From Your "Dinner Table".

Feeling nervous can be experienced by people who are doing the first date for example the first dinner. But be patient relax is the key to success of the first date you enjoy every time you value. And do not quickly move from the arena the starting point of your relationship.

Your dating friend really wants to get to know you more deeply and for that you don't recommend moving quickly from that meeting. Think this is not the time to receive a monthly salary, but more than that your relationship will really start from here.

Make your date able to get to know things better lest you receive the word "Sorry it seems I have to hurry home" it's really bad friends and will make you lose your date the next time. But dating and relationship psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree suggested that this not be done. Moreover, if we leave without saying goodbye. "Unless you do have an emergency, don't do it," he said. According to Mason, doing "ghosting" alias leaving someone without saying goodbye or news is the same as doing rejection.

"This is a cowardly and miserable act. Don't do it," he said. If the moment of the date goes according to expectations, at least we must be polite by not hastily leaving the date. Of course what the relationship psychologist Madeleine Mason Roantree said was very reasonable and you should pay attention that you should only suddenly leave because an emergency interest out of it would be better if you continued to chat with your date.

10. Avoid being Someone Else.

Well this is often a mistake that is often done for people who go on a first date the desire to look so impressive often makes people who are going to the first date initiative to be someone else who is considered more perfect by imitating a style or way of behaving, this is really silly is not what he wants from you.

You don't need to be your idol character or even a superhero character that you like to make your date partner comfortable and interested. It's enough to be yourself with all the weaknesses and strengths you have because many say "True love comes from the heart" do you agree with this?.

After you know a little things that should not be done on your first date that will make you look silly. Are you ready to do your first date?

The point is the first date is a time to get to know each other and hope to continue with the next meeting using this opportunity as well maybe and you will be a great person on your first date.

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